The story of my "Why"

I grew up as a shy reserved kid in a Christian home in the modest part of the Spokane Valley. Raised by a pianist and a pastor, The Arts were always a present item in my life. I remember going to the ballet, listening to various types of music, and being taught to enjoy every aspect of life.

As I grew into adult hood I soon found that the once shy reserved kid found his energy was gained around his enthusiastic and optimistic nature. Being around people, making them smile and laugh soon turned into a priority in my life. It was then that I found the power in a smile.

While I continued to grow and start a family of my own I noticed that the people who once raised me were getting older and I told myself that it’s important to capture these fleeting moments with them. It was in the moment that I took the picture of my 80 year old “Nanny” that I knew my reason why. My business is centered on capturing your moments, to hold tight the memories of your friends, your family and yourself. With the power of a smile, our moments will last forever.


In Loving Memory of Betty Daniel "Nanny"


Patient photographer and excellent customer service! So often you get the same cheesy photos from photographers but Chris really captured our event and hobbies with excellence.

Lizzy E.

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